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United Robotic Systems proudly unveils its cutting-edge 3-D Concrete Printer, a masterpiece of technology and innovation.

Miami, FL bases United Robotic Systems (URS) introduces its revolutionary third-generation Concrete Printer, representing a significant leap forward in construction technology.


The seamless integration of AI into 3D Concrete Printing, a key component of URS's forward-thinking program, has become a harmonious marriage of advanced technology and visionary concepts. This synergy has driven sustainable growth and development, utilizing state-of-the-art robotics to provide widespread access to construction resources, boost economic activity, and accommodate urban expansion.

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Industries such as housing and retail, which heavily rely on construction, have experienced an unprecedented surge, strengthening regional economies and fostering prosperity. URS's leadership in automated construction, supported by sustainable integration, has not only garnered global interest but also inspired companies worldwide to adopt progressive construction methods.

URS's remarkable achievements with its vertically integrated system for Concrete Printing have captured the attention of industry stakeholders, solidifying the company's reputation as a pioneer in technological innovation. The transformative potential of scaling 3D printed homes promises to rejuvenate landscapes, ushering in an era of unparalleled innovation worldwide.


URS's leadership in automated construction, driven by the seamless integration of AI with 3D Concrete Printing, is setting a new benchmark for the industry. The transformative impact of guided 3D printing is reshaping landscapes and inspiring scalable innovation on a global scale.

As we celebrate this monumental milestone in advanced construction technology, we invite industry stakeholders and visionaries to join us in embracing the boundless potential of technology and human ingenuity. United Robotic Systems remains dedicated to pushing the boundaries of innovation, propelling the ongoing journey of progress.

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